Subject: Re: Trans Siberian Railway
Dear Gary:

My mother took the trans-Siberian Railway several years ago. Although she is a great adventurer and resilient traveler, she vows never to undertake this ordeal again. However, if she were given $10-million to accompany someone, here are some things that she would do:

1.) Carry whatever food/drink with you that will sustain you for 5 or 6 days. Do not count on the quality or quantity of the service on board the train or at stops. Don't expect ANYTHING. Sugar for your coffee, or, even a way to boil your coffee or tea.

2.) Bring along one or two of your most comfortable pillows and a blanket that will cover your body. This way, you can make where ever you find to sleep more comfortable and bearable.

3.) Prepare yourself for endurance and a lower level of cleanliness than you are comfortable with.

4.) Bring along a couple of disposable epic books to fill the time.

5.) Wear your passport and money in around the neck pouches that you can wear inside your clothes.

6.) Be prepared for both wonderful hospitality and frustrating indifference.

Hope that this is helpful.