Subject: Re:Questions about Portugal
Hi Marino, I have just read(having been too busy during tha last part of last week) your posting.Welcome to this list. You are going to enjoy Portugal,a country that I love so much.I hear that Colette is back from her recent tour there,so I'll let her be your up-to-date guide to the parts of the country she travelled through.I'll be glad,in turn,to be of help on any other area of the country(continental Portugal only,excluding Tras-Ús-Montes,the only region I don't know),although I never used railway as a mean of transportation. Please ask again,but try to be more specific:how long will you be touring Portugal;in which season;are you thinking of heading north or south from Lisbon;are you interested in any peculiar issue,and so on... I think one of the best railway itineraries is from Porto along the Douro river;train is reputed to be the best way you can enjoy the splendid countryside where Port wine is produced. That's all for now,ciao from Italy.P.S.Where are you from? Leonardo