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Debbie wrote -- << Let me preface anything I have to say with the caveat that this is all JUST MY OPINION, but I think it may be mistake to rely on Rick Steves' thoughts. >>

Debbie, I loved your message and YOUR OPINION is probably well founded. When I first visited Europe in 1967, we all took along a copy of Frommer's Europe on $5 a Day - yes, that's all things cost then. Everytime we tried to stay or eat at one of Frommer's recommendations, we found that the proprietor had doubled Frommer's prices from his book. There was many a night that we cussed him and threw darts at his book. But, alas, we did manage to make it through the summer - at just $4 day, no less. An old friend of that summer recently sent me an old copy of the 1967 Frommer - the Rick Steves of his day. Frommer wrote of Restaurant Julien in Paris (1967) - Restaurant Julien has ornate mirrors and wall moulding, fanciful coat hooks and is an untouched relic of how a Parisian restaurant looked 90 years ago. Nearly every appetiezer is 12 cents (not centimes - US cents), the main courses with vegetables average 40 cents, cheese is 6 cents and you should be able to eat for no more than 4 francs (80 cents) including wine. We loved the meal, but paid closer to $1 total and cussed Frommer again - oh, if it were just 4 francs today. Michelin says Julien is about 270 francs today + wine. I also agree with the romance factor you spoke of - isn't it great? My grandfather did die that summer of 1967 while I was in Paris - I received a cablegram at the Thomas Cook office. Bill Sutherland