Subject: Re: Switzerland and Rick
Dear Deb:

I too do not wish to appear to be a Rick basher but since you brought up the subject I was wondering what the general consensus was. I have to credit Rick for giving us the push to think we could go to Europe on our own. It had been unthinkable up to that point. But I too consider his opinion along with a host of others. We have had mixed results when following his advice on hotels and sites to see. My main complaint is that at his recommended hotels, all you see is fellow Thru the Back Doortravelers, complete with official rucksacks. Also I find that his list of recommended sites is far too narrow in interest and often bordering on the offensive (I personally am not interested in buying drugs at cafes in Amsterdam). He seems to take special delight in being recognized where his fans congregate and was recently disappointed when no one took an interest in him at the Moulin Rouge in Paris! We all travel with different agendas in mind and it is always best to get a cross section of opinions before making a decision, especially as for some of us, traveling can be expensive and we want to have the best experience possible.