Subject: Re: Re: Switzerland and Rick
Elizabeth - We never use Rick Steeves (probably the only people!) -- We do, however, use a mixture and bring books with us. Always Michelin Green for history and ruins. Lonely Planet for sites, walks and some inexpensive hotels... Rough Guide for hikes and out of the way places and some hotels - no restaurants. In France we use Michelin Red combined with local recommendations for restaurants and the Logis Guide or the local tourist SI'sfor places to sleep -- (B&B's small hotels or Gites) Karen Brown for wonderful small country Inns - use her for Switz. and Spain, also. In the British Isle we use Egon Ronay's guide - always good, but we haven't been there in 5 years - and I think the guide has changed, from what I hear.

Also, we subscribe to a newsletter called Harper's Hideaway -- somewhat high-ended, but the places are to drool over and we have stayed at some of them off-season. They are always one-of-a-kind places, (i.e. manor houses, castles, charming inns, etc with wonderful food and an one always feels pampered) Sometimes, it's nice to splurge and we like to know what is available (I save all the newsletters) as we always travel without reservations -- no matter when we go (which is always out-of-season!)

Susie, Newton,MA