Subject: travel Gurus
In response to Sandy from LA regarding long distance calls from Hotels to US I have a question: during our last trip to Europe last April I noticed a big change in some hotels telephone bills, for instance in Zurich , Hotel Glockenhop a very nice 4 stars, calls home were absolutely inexpensive, the charge I do not remember exactly but it was very little may be 1 or 2 dollars for a short call... have anyone noticed something similar?

We didn t make too many calls from Hotels so I do not know if there is a big change or it only in that Hotel..... ( Big difference I recall years ago may be 20 yers ago we made a long distance call from Geneva to Buenos Aires and ended up paying over a hundred dollars, which in those ancient times was much more than now) I shall appreciate first hand experience in this matter, may be it is time to forget about credit cards and simply call from the hotel...Graziella Miami Beach.