Subject: Travel Books
I found the discussion on Rick Steve very enlightning. The comment he made about Zurich &Geneva was not even in a discussion of Switzerland. If I remember correctly, what he said was, don't go to a place because of name recognition, but be sure that there are things that you want to see there. and then he mentioned those two cities as an example. Before reading the specifics of any of the cities we will be visiting, I have been reading books such as Europe through the Back Door and Travelers Tool Kit. I found valuable suggestions in both books. Now we are at the point of being more specific as to the cities we want to stop in, how long we want to stay in each city and then having to make reservations for the hotels. I assume everyone on this list recommends making reservations. I have also begun looking at some of the web sites that were recommended on this list. Again thanks to all those who responded. Harriet