Subject: Re: Re: Switzerland

I think you need to decide if you love cities and then the decision is easy. The train will get you directly in either Geneva or Zurich, and you can read to decide which of the two you think you would prefer. We have never been to Zurich so I cannot comment on that, but we liked Geneva's ambience, the street entertainers, the lakeside views, the Red Cross Headquarters, and I could go on. A city takes several days to get the feel of it.

If you love mountains, the Muerren is the place--you can reach out and practically touch the Eiger, Monch, and the Jungfrau, and its an easy hop up to the Schilthorn which we thought was better than the Jungfrau and certainly more affordable.

However, Muerren is for mountain lovers, not city activities. You can walk the entire town in 10 minutes unless you find the bakery which sells rhubarb torte, and that will add a few munites to your discoveries.

I do not believe that the Big Train Passes will take you any farther than Interlaken, but I stand to be corrected--the answer to that will probably be on

I have a post on the above website regarding Muerren and Wengen at

This will give you some ideas of what there is to do in that area.

Here is the website for Swiss trains where you may be able to find out the current price for a trip to Muerren from Interlaken.

I don't know what it costs to get to Muerren from Interlaken, but it was not as expensive, say, as some of the mountian top trips. You must take a train to Lauterbrunnen, then take the tram UP to Grutschlap, then a one car train to Muerren.

To get to Wengen you take a cog railway up from Lauterbrunnen. Because we spend a lot of time in this area we use a Swiss Pass and/or a Berner Oberland Pass so I can't specifically comment on the prices.

Another city that is beautiful is Lucerne.

I could go on and on as Switzerland is our favorite spot. It is almost a choice between natural beauty and cities.