Subject: Re: Re: DisneyWorld
For DisneyWorld fanatics who go for a 5-day period or at least twice in 12-month period, I strongly suggest the ANNUAL PASSHOLDER ticket if you like staying ON THE PROPERTY at any one of the Disney hotels. The ANNUAL PASSHOLDER costs about $275 or so and is good for 12 months from the DAY YOU FIRST USE IT. It has an extra charge if you also want to include the water parks. You get unlimited access to the parks any time during those 12 months so any use of the parks for about 5 days pays for the ANNUAL PASSHOLDER.

And best of all, you get discounts (and damn good ones) at any and all of the Disney Hotels. The discount iself almost pays for the pass. You also get 10% off certain merchandise and other perks. And if you want, only one in your party needs to get the pass to make the discounted Disney hotel reservations.

There are other perks as well....

We have used this for several years and find it a super deal only being a FL resident offers better deals.

check it out. Call DisneyWorld or look at the sites and get more detailed info