Subject: Re: Special places in Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal are two are wonderful places - especially the Casa de Carmona # truly breathtaking and so special

Casa de Carmona Plaza de Lasso 1, Carmona, Sevilla, Sp.,41410 Tel: 34 95 19 10 00 Fax: 34 954 19 01 E-mail: reserve Web address:

This is a refined 30 room gracious country manor hotel -- (16th C. palace) in a very quaint Moorish town -- It's about a 30 min. drive from this walled-city to downtown Seville (direct on a main highway) -- The rooms are all individuallly decorated and are very beautiful -- There is a small pool, beautiful parlors where refreshments are or (were in our case about 7 yrs ago) help-yourself variety. -- Beautiful dining room facing the pool --

Our room was a duplex with the bedroom upstairs (bathroom had double sinks and was fully equipped) - Bedroom had hand-embroidered linen sheets --Downstairs room was all mahogany w/ beautiful fabrics and appointed in such a way that we felt as if we were a guest in someone's luxurious summer home, not a hotel. (Rates on the internet.) In our opinion, this is not a formal, stuffy place - although we were there at the end of March and it wasn't filled. The staff was warm and very accommodating - We would return immediately if we were in the area! ( Note: We drove here from Ronda - town of the 1st bull ring - with a wonderful guided tour of the Marquis' Mansion - and lovely views all over from the height of the town) -- The road from there to Carmona is through back country where we were told affluent Spainiard's have built their summer homes -- a very beautiful worth a detour road.

(Also, this Parador is northeast of Barcelona if you are going to be in the area. It is very unique and georgeous!!) Parador de Cardona Address: 08261 Cardona tel: (93) 869 12 75 Fax: (93) 869 16 36 No email or web site that I could find

This is a converted medieval castle perched on a hill overlooking Cardona -- and the salt mine (in the distance) -- It's a remarkable place - very sumptious, beautifully decorated with excellent food in a grand dining room! It's directly northwest of Barcelona. Very busy place - even when we were there off season.

If I can get my act together, I'll write up the Pousada's in Portugal that we stayed at. Our all-time favorite was in Evora --northwest of Lisbon - I'll look up the others. As I recall, we stayed in two other exceptional ones.

Susie, Newton, MA