Subject: Re: Italy restaurant tips
Hi Gwen

In Venice, I think for a moderately priced (for Venice that is) is La Zucca which is on Santa Croce, 1762. Ask at the hotel for directions but I am sure it would be near your hotel. Da Fiore is excellent but a little more expensive and reservations might be difficult. If you like La Zucca, why not return instead of looking for another place. $60 vs $25 per person comparing Da Fiore to La Zucca, respectively.

In Rome, I believe that I sent you some: Pizza Re for terrific pizza plus other good fast food on Via di Ripetta just down from Piazza Popolo; San Eustachio in Piazza San Eustachio which is a few steps from the Pantheon; Taverna Antonino on via Colono Antonino which also is not far from the Pantheon. All of these are moderately priced. La Rosetta on via Rosetta right by the Pantheon is excellent for sea food but it has gotten out of line in terms of cost. And, I heard that service has become indifferent. These are all good but if you returned to any of them I think you would find the second or more time (s) around would even be better. Up the street from your hotel, I believe it is Santa Chiara, is a really good alimentari(food store) on Via Torre Argentina where you can buy excellent cheeses, prosciutto etc.

One closeby to Greve is La Tenda Rosso in San Cassiano In Val di Pesa which is the one I would choose for an outstanding dinner close to Greve. Again ask for directions. A dinner there is 130,000 lire for one without wine. The other one that gets high grades, but I have never been to, is Arnolfo in Colle di Val D'Elsa. Maybe others have experience with this one or know about it. It is less expensive than La Tenda Rosso--110,000 lire.

The address for Greve is:

I am sure that the people at the hotel in Greve would point out the places for dinner. There are many in and around Greve that surely must be good. I think that I read somewhere that your hotel in Greve has a cooking school so my guess is that the food there should be pretty good.