Subject: Re: Spain and tour books
I loved the Eyewitness Guide to Madrid. It was really great. My mom and I went there last Sept. It was her first time to see Spain and I carried that book along so she could see what everything would look like before we saw it. I loved visiting Alcala de Henares. They don't push that much really but I spent 3 years living there and they have a charming Plaza Mayor that looks the same as it did many years ago, the people were different than Madrid people, very friendly like I remembered the Spaniards being. I just enjoyed walking the town. The shopping area there is totally covered, we were there when it was raining quite hard but it let up after a bit. You can visit Cervantes house, the university there and I just enjoyed walking around the town and seeing the old churches with the stork nests on I was trying to find our old apartment but there are too many apartments there now. My mom really enjoyed going there and wished we had allowed more time for Alcala. It was easy to take the train out there and didn't cost much. Avila is a wonderful city to visit and I wished we had alloted more time for that also. In Madrid I visited the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales for the first time, It's off the Gran Via near Puerta del Sol. It's 16th century architecture and had quite a few Treasures in it. Tours were only in Spanish but it was very interesting.

Carol Mueller