Subject: Re: Montefollonico

I remember Montefollonico very fondly. As far as it being the best country restaurant in Italy? Who could argue. But, it would be nice to try many of them to arrive at a comprehensive opinion :-). But, what could be better than enjoying a wonderful dinner then taking a stroll around the town before going back to your lovely room? I remember the pici we had there--this pasta was made at our table by an elderly woman which was then cooked it back in the kitchen. Pici is a flour and water pasta and thicker than spaghetti.

I have a picture of Umberto and us (the four men) enjoying a cup of coffee and vin santo with cantuccio on the veranda from which Montepulciano is clearly visible across the valley. I also have one of us with Dania in the kitchen. One of our wives did not believe that she was the chef because she is so attractive.

When we first arrived at the restaurant I showed him my wine list (all Tuscan wines) to which he made a face, saying these are too good to start with but if you insist I will serve them to you. No, we said, you bring us what you think we will like to start with. He did but asked to keep my list. The wine he brought us (My wine, said Umberto) was marvelous and just right to start the meal. We drank ourselves up to a couple of choices on my list. Too, we never ordered any food as we just left it to him to bring whatever he thought we would enjoy.

Bill next time I get too La Chiusa, I hope you will be our guest for dinner there. Room #108 sounds good to me!!