Subject: Re: :Italy Fever/Train question
Brenda wrote:
> Can anyone tell me ... it is rumoured that if the majority of our tour
> signs up for the optional to Pisa, then the bus will go straight to
> Pisa from Venice, instead of stopping at our hotel first in
> Montecatini as scheduled. We do not want to go to Pisa ... instead we
> were taking the train from hotel in Montecatini to Florence for the Going from Venezia to Pisa you will pass throught Montecatini, I think you could ask to be left at the higway exit, fron there to either the train or bus station is just an overpass.
>From venzia to firenze by train are about 2 1/2 hours and about 43000 L one way per person. Buy a venezia-Montecatini via Firenze, you will save some money ! Whhy not leaving the baggage on the bus and retrieving on the evening ? Large baggage: how much klarge (you missed units ... if these are cm it is small. if are meter i do not think it would pass throught tunnel ... if another unit ... add also how much heavy is !

> day. If we find out that everyone is going to Pisa, is it possible to
> take a train directly from Venice to Florence, so we aren't forced to
> ride to Pisa? (I assume so ... but how long of a ride and at what
> cost) What about luggage ...could we take it with us on train and
> possibly store it at the train station in Florence in a locker until
> we go to Montecatini that night via train to meet back up with our
> tour? (can you buy train tickets one way?) One piece of our luggage
> is fairly large ... 29x20x10

Leonardo Boselli Firenze