Subject: Re: Welcome Brenda
Hi Paolo,

Thanks for the welcome. I was born in the Hague and lived there for 22 years. After that I moved to Rijswijk. It's very close to the Hague (you can hardly see where the Hague is ending and Rijswijk is starting). It's much smaller than the Hague, but I like it a lot. Have you been to other places in my country?

Brenda Netherlands.

Hello Brenda and welcome! You live in one of the European countries I love most.

>Madurodam was the only one. Madurodam is a large one anyway. I think most of
>the 'foreigners' have visited Amsterdam but have never been to the Hague.

Amsterdam is a must and everybody should walk its quiet streets across the canals, away from the crowds at Damrak or the in-famous pleasure districts.

I've been two times in the Hague; it's so nice and full of flowers, parks and museum (me and my wife are Vermeer's fans!).

Everytime I think of a place to go again in Europe, Holland is always at the first place. In which town do you live?