Subject: Re: Obtaining Swiss Francs

> >Stopped by my bank and ask the cost of obtaining some
> >swiss francs for
> >pocket money. They wanted a $30.00 service fee for any
> >amount. Seems
> >steep. Airport ATM would be cheaper. Any comments.

> A bit steep, but not unusual. It's virtually impossible to buy foreign currency in the US at prices close to what you get in Europe.

would agree with the above, except to add that we have been given some fair (ish) prices from American Express by going to the local office here in Pgh. This has applied to various European currencies. We like to take a little money with us, just for that secure feeling. Not much, usually about 100US equivalent. So far, AmEx has given us fair exchange rates and very small or no service charges. Nothing like 30$ !!