Subject: reading about Spain
When we are getting ready to travel I always atart reading literature from that particular country, so that I can get an idea of what to expect. I would agree with the recommendations about Spain. I just finished Don Quixote, tough reading but really hilarious and well worth it. I would also highly recommend Michener's Iberia. It's true that this is not a novel but an account of the author's trip to Spain in the 1960's. Obviously, things have changed somewhat since he was there, but it is a very affectionate, romantic view of the country and really gets the reader in the mood for a trip there. We are going to Greece in the fall, so I rented Zorba the Greek for my husband, who doesn't like to read. This movie is from the 60's and very intense, so my husband became a little apprehensive. But it has terrific music and who can resist Anthony Quinn! I would love to hear any suggestions about similar preparations for trips to other countries that anyone might have.