Subject: Re: Re: Telephone cards / rates
Bill et. al,

I very much like the idea of a single telephone card that I can use globally, and want to know a little bit more about how you use your GlobalCard. I also do quite a bit of calling between Italy and the states, and vice-versa, and am always looking for the easiest, and most cost effective way to do this while travelling. Currently I use one of the standard carte telefoniche to call within Italy, and occasionally back to the U.S., but to be honest I have no idea what rate I'm being charged when I do this. I have also heard that there are international carte telefoniche to be found in Italy, but I have never seen them. I also know that friends use some kind of dial-around service from their homes in Italy to get a very decent 15 to 20 cent/ minute rate to the states. GlobalCard seems to charge 37 cents, for similar calls, which isn't bad (this according to their info line.)

Can anyone shed any more light on these options? It really is a struggle to know all of the different choices, and costs, for calling home when travelling.

Ciao, Joel