Subject: re: Paris restaurants and 1 night in Venice - Deb
We booked Room 242 at the Hotel Ala in Venice. Thank you Deb for the recommendation.

Thank you to Sandy and Deb for recommendations for restaurants in Paris. Would like to hear more recommendations. We are staying in the Marais District - but we can get anywhere on the Metro, bus or byfoot.

We have a recommendation in Paris, my daughter sent us to Restaurant Quai Quest, 92 210 St. Cloud and it was excellent. She was in Paris a lot for business and of course she was always on an expense account. It was worth the splurge. We were probably the only two people who have ever gone there by train and bus---The bus wasn't still running when we finished dinner, but we had a fun loooong walk back to the train station. I think those kinds of experiences are the fun memories for me when I travel. Happy traveling, Susan

we only have 8 days left before we leave to Europe!!