Subject: Re: Telephone cards / rates
FYI in Italy you can find the following kind of cards: Stadard telecomitalia cards: Usable either for local and sistant calls. For distand calls these have the higher rates ( Long distance national about 600 L-Min international about 840L/min , also to each call are added 400 or 800 L for call setup) Tiscali cards: Usable for all but local calls, but have the advantage that can be used also from hotel rooms. about 420L-min national, 650 international, no setup fee (just a minimum 400L/call billing) Other international cards : preices vary, since every one is targeted to a specific country (The 37cents you mention is the average) WIND GSM cards: can be an option if you plan to call much, since are sold in 100000 L size, but then you can call at about 480 L-min national 600L-min international AND you can receive call (calling from abroad there is NO mobile surcharge !!! so if your friends-relatives have a better rate they can use it to call back) (There are other card, either for public phones of for cell'phones with intl rates down to 360 L/MIN but require a minimum of 360000L of traffic over two months) (NB: international rates are EU and USA/Canada)