Subject: cars in Europe
Leonardo, We as many of our friends and many in The Travelzine travel by car in Europe. :-) I agree with you that is a great way to do it. :-) However we use trains and plains sometimes depending on the circumstances . And we use a lot our feet. Frankly I found everything is positive in Europe regarding car driving , only setback is maybe gasoline's price but it is not a big expense anyway. Parking can be a little expensive in some cities, ...I agree also with you that in some cities in America life is very much related to cars but not in all of them. In Manhattan for instance, you know it is taxis+subways + buses + walking, in Miami is the opposite and I frankly I try to avoid it. I try to walk as much as possible but is difficult because in some parts of this area they forgot to include the sidewalks in the landscaping, and what I really do not like is to park. I hate to go to the bank or to the hairdresser and have to park in the 8 th or 9 th floor!!! I like to hear, smell, feel the place I am visiting and if possible to exchange a smile, a Good Morning, with the people...I love it when someone asks me for directions... so let me assure you we have driving tons of miles in Europe all over, one of my golden rules when lost is follow the cars... as silly as it might sound often takes us to the right place. One of my important rules also is leave or arrive at the right time into big cities or to arrive by train and then rent a car. you feel more reassured now? Best regards, Graziella Miami Beach.