Subject: Turkey Information

I would like to introduce myself, My name is Richard Best and I live in the historical southern city of Dunedin. This city was originally settled by immigrants from Scotland, in fact Dunedin is the old Gaelic name for Edinburgh. Both my wife and myself love to travel, but unfortunately because of the huge cost and the restrictions that business places on us, we do not get to travel overseas as much as we would like. A friend of mine from Christchurch referred me to this list. We are in the throws of planning a trip to Turkey Next year, probably in September/October, for approx. four/five weeks. We plan to join an organised bus tour and then spend some time doing our own thing. We are very limited in the tours that can be arranged from New Zealand and I was wondering if anyone on the list knows of a reputable tourist operator with bus tours commencing from the US, that we able join up with in Turkey. Would anyone be kind enough to let us know of good cheaper hotels in the old part of Istanbul, probably in the vicinity of 70US for a double room per night? - Something with a view would be great. Any names of any reasonable restaurants would be also be appreciated. General information on what to see and do would also be much appreciated. Both of us love to go on walks, taking photographs(We are keen amateur photographers)and poking around historical monuments. We are also very keen shoppers, usually purchasing items which are unique to that particular country. We look forward to your reply,

Regards, Richard Best.