Subject: Re: Turkey Information #1
Hi Richard,

Welcome to the Zine. We have been to Dunedin, in fact we have been almost everywhere, we think between Auckland and the most southern point and enjoyed your country very much.

And, welcome to the idea that Turkey is a great place to visit. You are very wise to want to stay in the old part of Istanbul, as we have stayed both in the old city and in the new city and we prefer the old city for many reasons, and mainly that is where you want to be most of the time.

We have been there 3 times and hope to return.

There are two kinds of tours available in Turkey and we have taken two kinds, and on the last trip we spent 4 days in Istanbul. Well, really three kinds. You have picked a great time to go as well.

1. There are large bus tours that go everywhere and we have not been on any of these. We do not like large bus tours. and, most of them are large.

2. Small bus tours that go every where. Our daughter and her husband took one of these and saw everything there is to see. At the end I will give you some names and fax numbers. We took one of these as well. It is a good introduction for the important sites after you leave Istanbul. On both of our tours there were 4-8 people and that is about right.

3. The last choice is a tour that includes a cruise on the Turquoise Coast which we found absolutely gorgeous.

For your on your own times, you will find that Istanbul grows on you and several days there with leisure activities is most pleasant. We have not spent a great deal of time on the land part of the Turquoise coast near Marmaris and Bodrum, but they appeal also. A friend of mine has a brother who vacations on part of the Black sea coast in the Northern part of Turkey, but I do not know exactly where. If I get a chance to ask her I will--she will be in town this weekend, but sometimes she is so busy as she lives elsewhere right now.

For lodging, I will send a list of inexpensive places to stay in Sultanahmet. This list was compiled by Sandy in Los Angeles (a Zine member) and I have added to it after our last trip. I am afraid our favoite hotel, the Yesil Ev, is out of your price range. However, being located between the blue Mosque and the Haigha Sophia, we love being there. The name means Green House and that is what it is--a green house that used to be a sleeping place for the Touring Association. It has a reputation for having excellent food, and at the time of year you will be going, a dinner in the garden will be delightful.

Inexpensive lodgings are coming in a separate post as this is getting too long. Also, I have to search for some addresses and we have two sleeping grandchildren here and I do not want to waken them.

Gretchen from South Carolina