Subject: questions about India
At the beginning of this year I was asking about recommendations for China. We intended to travel there during this summer, but work and a busy schedule left us with just two weeks at the beginning of August. We thought that it was quite a short time for china, so it has been postponed. Thanks a lot to Judy and the rest of the people that answered me. I had kept the responses, and I am sure I will use them. Anyway, we ended up choosing between the East Coast and India, and we have settled for India. Seeing the short time we have, I ask our travel agent to find out the best way to have a first glimpse. She is quite good, I must say it, and she found us a tour covering part of Nepal and India. This is our (roughly sketched) itinerary:

2 nights in Kathmandú 1 night in Varanasi 2 nights in Khajuraho 2 nights in Agra 3 nights in Jaipur 2 nights in Delhi (and I am missing something)

Now I would like to know from Ziners that live there or have been to India. Any special recommendation? Any books we should read (I bought yesterday A suitable boy, by Vikram Seth, and the Rough Guide to India)? Clothing - long skirts vs. trousers? Food ( I don´t like very spicy foods)? Special precautions? We are three girls, accostumed to travel around, but mainly in Europe.

I know it will not be the same as travelling on your own, but we couldn´t afford more weeks, and we wanted to get a good impression (and get back on our own later). Now I do understand all of you coming into Europe, across the seas, and wanting to fit everything into 10 days. I really understand it.

Well, have a brilliant weekend everyone. It seems as if it is already beach time here in Northern Spain.

Rgds from Covadonga Bilbao - Spain