Subject: Harriet's europe
Hi Harriett ,

I'm glad I made you think about your excessively ambitious program.When you say for example3 days in Amsterdam,this means one long day travelling from Switzerland to Amsterdam,1 day in Amsterdam,and next afternoon leaving for Brussels. I'll close the issue by this. But, I want to remark something that Gretchen fostered in her message:

>It is so tempting to make a first trip a whirlwind, thinking--I may never do this again--

I did whirlwind trips more than one time,and I enjoyed them,but,gosh,it was so MANY years ago......I'm afraid I wouldn't have enough stamina now. I'm also sure this is not true for Harriet,so...

Quant' bella giovinezza che si fugge tuttavia,chi vuol esser lieto,sia...di diman non v' certezza.