Subject: Literature about Portugal
Since there have been many postings about books of spanish ambience, but none about Portugal, I would suggest the books of Nobel Prize JosŤ Saramago. A perfect intro to a portuguese driving tour is Viagem em Portugal actually a travelogue by the author who traveled across his country some years ago,off season,alone, by car,trying to recollect its soul.(He lives in spanish Lanzarote island).Don't expect to find practical information on main tourist attraction,rather sketches about people he came across or very small village churches,all in a mood that is pure saudade. You could dive yourself into portuguese atmosphere even by reading novels by the same author,for instance O ano da morte de Ricardo Reis(The year Ricardo Reis died,I'm sorry I don't know what are the titles in american or english editions). Of course the most famous portuguese writer of last century is Fernando Pessoa,but I find him a bit too intellectual for my taste(or difficult for my preparation),if not boring.

Ciao Leonardo