Subject: Re: Obtaining swiss francs
Hi friends, I'm coming as the last in a line,and I haven't even had the time of reading all the postings in this thread,but I want to tell you that here in Italy we can purchase a prepaid card that is called Visa Travel Money. That's the way it works:you go to any bank selling this card,you tell them how much money you want to charge on the card,you pay that amount plus 2% commission,and in 5 minutes you walk by with your card in your wallet. In almost any country of the world,you insert the card in an ATM that accepts Visa(and there are plenty everywhere),and you get the amount of local currency you need,without any further commission.You can use in any country,it has no expiry date,and when you're back home you can get what remains on the card in the bank that issued the card.Of course it has a PIN number and if it's lost or stolen a new one will be issued in any country in 24 hours. I know that you have to pre-pay,but it's smooth and simple and you don't have to worry about commissions,that ,as I'm reading,can be very high.You can calculate more or less what amount of cash you will need for your vacation,and if you need more,you can always use your credit card for the remaining needs. Ciao Leonardo