Subject: India
We've been to India and Nepal for one month back in 1986,and I can tell you it was the most intense vacation we ever had.
>From our first moment across the immigration barrier at Delhi airport we smelled India (more with our soul than with our nose), and this country remains as something unique in our heart. It's like a punch in your stomach,for many aspects,but it will warm your soul. You can still feel there how joy can dwell amidst poverty,hunger,and you won't forget the smiles of the children. We did a leopard skin tour,and we did also the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur triangle(with one night in a nature sanctuary whose name I can't remember) by taxi (you could rent ,for a very reasonable price,a car with driver ,and in our case it was a young Sikh driver; he slept in the car at night, and he was ready to take us wherever we wanted at any hour of day or night. This made us feel dirty capitalists.)We didn't sleep in Agra but visited the city on the way from Delhi to the nature sanctuary, and then had two nights in Jaipur,a fairy - tale place. But what's best are the sights we had during travelling in the country, lines of camels, groups of colourful clad ladies working in the fields with a noble grace as f they were queens, wild peacocks and, believe it or not, bears trained to dance for passers-by. Not to mention Kathmandu valley. Some short practical notes: FOOD: I was a fan of indian food,the London version,before going to India,and I am fond of all the ethnic food of the world,but REAL indian food is shocking,not always hot(very often hot,though),the flavours are something you can't imagine.After that trip I think I have eaten indian food not more than one or two times. HEALTH: the four of us all got serious belly problems with fever.The two husbands were doctors,so we didn't loose our rationality, but try by all means to be careful on what you eat and drink,and carry proper medication given by your doctor. CLOTHING:a long skirt is more practical,you can keep it a bit up and get your feet and ankles dirty instead of your jeans; jeans would be too heavy for the hot and sometimes humid weather. Remember to carry short cotton socks or the kind of plastic overshoes that are sometimes worn in a hospital when you enter a protected area. These will be useful when you want to visit any temple,also the open air area around temples or the staircase leading to a temple, since it is strictly forbidden to wear shoes there. Everybody walks barefoot and you have to do slalom among sheep's,chicken's,and of course cow's you know what

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