Subject: Denmark and Norway
If you go by train the best option is scanrail (kinda britrail). The only part I know of Denmark is Kobenhavn neighbourhood, up to Helsingor. To go to Norway, I'd suggest you to cross the channel to Helsingborg, see Lund (Sweden), go up to Goteborg - Smogen (very small but lovely town) - Oslo. Then, as others said, the ride to Bergen. From Bergen, every morning (around 8) there's a ferry to Flam through the Sognofjorden......... just wonderful!!! And from Flam you can go back to Bergen. Other nice rides are the Oslo-Trondheim (through Lillehammer) and then up to the far North. And if you intend to go far north, don't miss the Lofoten Islands, probably the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen!!!!!! (I attached a picture of it, hope nobody minds).

Ciao Flavio in Rome