Subject: Denmark and Norway
You should consider a Scan Rail pass but also calculate your trip on buying individual tickets to see which works out best for you. In Copenhagen and Oslo there are city passes which also may or maynot be economical. We used the pass in Oslo and really got our money's worth. In Copenhagen, it worked out better for us to pay as we went.

Between Copenhagen and Oslo there is an overnight ferry which could be a good use of your time and money. Do not miss the Norway in a Nutshell which others have recommended making sure that the bus you take from the fjord to Voss takes the scenic route--and sit on the right hand side unless you have a fear of heights.

A good day trip from Copenhagen would include Roskilde and the Viking Ship museum and the Cathedral. This can be done by train. You can easily spend two days traveling north of Copenhagen to the Louisiana Art Museum, and several castles. This is also doable by train.

In Copenhagen, we stayed at Ibsen's which has a webpage. It is well located, newly remodeled and quiet. In Oslo we stayed at the Rainbow Hotel Spectrum, about three blocks from the train station--no atmosphere but clean and well located and inexpensive by Scandinavian standards. In Bergen we stayed at Hotel Bryggen Orion, another hotel of the Rainbow group. It is located about two blocks past the Hanseatic Museum from the Market.

As we are budget travelers, I can't recommend restaurants that are upscale but all of Scandinavia is a fish lovers paradise. Smoked salmon is almost always available (even for breakfast) and very good. We did much of our dining picnic style.

Barbara Connecticut