Subject: India
I have been to both, at different times. I stayed in a fabulous hotel in Kathmandu, it was one of my first trips and the agent booked the hotel, it was before I knew about Lonely Planet. But it was a lovely experience, and you may be able to afford it in that part of the world.It was called The Yak and Yeti.We also did a trip to Chitwan National Park, where we rode elephants, visited a small village, and rode in a canoe down the river, looking across to the hilalayas.Then we visited Pokara, could easily have stayed in a guesthouse there.In the hotel I am sure we had butter made from yak milk, it was very different. The road trip to the park and on to Pokara was out of this world dreadful, we had a taxi and a driver, luxury, but nothing could be on that road. But it was an experience. maybe you could fly one way.It is about 6 hours and 100km!! In India I flew into Delhi and after a day looking around the area of the hotel, i joined a small group, 7 of us I think and began a tour of Rajesthan, taking in the camel fair , forgotten the name of the place....Brilliant,amazing. Difficult, and I was sick, not stomach problems, but fever one night,just not well. We were careful what we ate,but still.....Personally i wouldn't tackle India alone,nor as a first trip. get a good guide book, or check out some tours.