Subject: India - Thanks for all the suggestions
Hello everybody.

I want to thank all of you for the suggestions you are sending me. You are being really helpful.

I already have booked an appointment with the doctor at work, in order to know which vaccinations are recommended and get any prescriptions we would need. They are well used to send people to the other side of the world, so they will have any info we need.

I know that it is a very short period of time for such a big country, but we have to live with that. We are lucky in being able to get two weeks off work (one of the girls is not coming because her manager thinks it is not a convenient time). I am wondering if the american way of work is crossing the Atlantic... At least, I am still able to get another week in Spring or Fall. Due to this fact (only two weeks), we have booked a tour. It will be a big change for me, being used to travel on our own thru Europe, but who knows... I might even like it.

It is funny, because I have heard many of your stories before. Like for example, when Leonardo wrote:

> We did a leopard skin tour,and we did also the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur triangle(with one night in a
> nature sanctuary whose name I can't remember)by taxi(that's it, you could rent ,for a very
> reasonable price,a car with driver ,and in our case it was a young sikh driver with turban and >everything;he slept in the car at night,and he was ready to take us wherever we wanted at any
> hour of day or night.This made us feel dirty capitalists.)

One of my colleagues at work travels there quite often, and he told me about the company taxi drivers, sleeping at the entrance of the main office and willing to take you any place, any time, and how bad he felt. No matter what they say, he still feels awful (although it is better than begging, I have to agree).

Or tales about the speed, and the kind of illnesses we will see...

And Meg, I have found the name of the camel fair held in Rajasthan : could it be Pushkar?

Thanks to Gretchen, Gary, Paolo, Leonardo, Meg, Albert (no me he olvidado de un compatriota), and I promise to write a good travelogue, and IŽll try to take fine pictures of everything ( I think writing it is easier for me).

Kind rgds from Covadonga (Bilbao - Spain)