Subject: Dutch Sanwich
Hi Brenda, you wrote:

>B.T.W. What country are you from? What's your mother language? Your name
>sounds Italian, but you used 'Hasta luego' and that is Spanish. Just

You're right I'm from Italy,and my mother language is italian.I'm a great fan of foreign languages,as I studied french for 8 years and german for 2 years at school.I did never study english at school, but I joined evening classes for a couple of years when I was 16,and from then on I read a lot and I practiced english when travelling. I had fun studying a bit of some other languages immediately before trips,namely bahasu Indonesia and czech,like you're doing with spanish.But all this was eons ago!(I'm 46 now,what about you?I guess half that age). In recent years I treavelled quite a bit in Spain and Portugal and it was easy fro me to get involved in understanding and also speaking these two great languages the more that I could.

>I think the language that is spoken in India, is pretty hard to learn, isn't

India has 16 OFFICIAL languages and many hundreds of local languages.Chances are that you won't even have the time to learn and practice one of these.English is one of the 16 official languages,but it's often pronounced in a way that makes it as recognizable as malayalam or telegu or bengali(some of the other 15).No,I'm exaggerating,you can use english quite easily. Among the main languages is hindi,which is the official language for government papers(also published in english),and I think hindi is taught in every indian high school.Hindi has a lot in common with european languages,although it's not so easy to see this at first.Every state has one or more languages which are used in everyday's life and in primary schools.

I've been in Mexico and I wish you a very interesting trip.I don't feel like being your guide to Mexico,because some members of this list are more apt to this role.

>I'm not sure what the word is you are looking for. Maybe
>'boterham', 'brood' or 'broodje'? (een broodje nieuwe haring).

That's it! Broodjes.Met neuw hareng. Very tasty!

Ciao! Leonardo