Subject: Re: How do I learn about Pheonix Arizona?
For people who live in the desert...Phoenix or where I do, Vegas, heat is a way of life. It is 112 today in my area of Vegas. Everything is air conditioned. It is miserable to get in the car after work and drive home but one survives. Phoenix tends to be about ten degrees hotter than Vegas. I wouldn't say it is unbearable since there are a couple million people living in the Phoenix area. Just do things as much as possible early in the day when its only 100 degrees or about 7:30 at night when the sun starts heading down. Just remember if you are out in the afternoon driving around, that tempers flare fast on the freeways and at stoplights! As I recall in late June and most of July, Phoenix has a monsoon season and it rains every few days about 3:00 in the afternoon and cools things off for a hour or so.

The heat here is oven heat. You don't get all the humidity which I find much worse. We always try to convince ourselves that the heat isn't so bad since it is so dry.

Beth Sloan