Subject: re: Sunnyvale recommendations
We ate last night in downtown San Jose at the E &O Trading Company at 96 South First Street, downtown San Jose. It was outstanding! We ordered lots of different dishes and shared. It is similiar to the Bettlenut in S.F. South-east Asian influence. There is also one at 314 Sutter Street in San Francisco.

Another favorite restaurant downtown San Jose is Original Joe's. It's been downtown San Jose for well-over half a century. My husband used to eat there when he was a kid with his dad. We love to sit at the counter. The chefs and waiters are more entertaining than going to the Theatre. We like the chicken cacciatori (enough to split). There is also a Discovery Museum for younger people downtown. There is a really good Quilt Museum also.(Which is my favorite thing to do when I go to the Bay Area)

Enjoy - there's lots to do in the area, Susan