Subject: Re: Train travel and cheaper fares
Hi Jane (again), We have these kind of fares too. You can buy tickets for groups (from 2 until 6 persons). The weekend is not cheaper, but you can use a dayticket during the whole weekend (for example go on Friday evening and come back on Sunday, normally you have to go back the same day with a retour ticket). You can buy a card which gives you 40% discount on all tickets during a year (you are not allowed to travel during rush hours). In July and August there is a special ticket for 2 persons and 3 days. Cheap if you travel a lot during those 3 days. There are also special tickets to the 'Waddeneilanden' (Terschelling, Texel etc). That's including train, bus and boat (to and from). We also have a lot of arrangements. For example you buy a special ticket to Schiphol (airport Amsterdam). That includes the train, entrance to the museum and a tour and you get a poster or something. There are many arrangements like that (there is even book with all those arrangements). To zoo, musea, palace and lots more.

Brenda Netherlands.