Subject: Re: How do I learn about Pheonix Arizona?
Thank you for the well-balanced assessment on desert heat. Ten degree higher than Las Vegas! That was alarming news indeed -- Vegas is the only desert I've been to in summer, and I thought that was unbearably (to me personally) hot. Oh, yes, there is also Palm Spring in California, which I only drove by and lingered for a few hours under the August afternoon sun; even with my car air conditioning in full blast, I remember feeling a little suffocated by the heat at times.

You are right. The indoor air conditioning won't help if one needs to drive from one place to the other (guess most of us do). And we don't always get to choose the time out, too.

I found your last remark interesting, and allow me to paraphrase it here: we always try to convince ourselves that the heat isn't so bad because it's dry heat. The choice of phrase try to is intriguing.

In truth, does one ever get used to the heat -- dry or damp?