Subject: New York City
I spent the day in NYC today and while I am in the city quite often, seldom do I visit the great things to do in the city such as visiting museums etc. So this morning I decided that prior to my luncheon date at one o'clock I would spend the morning at the International Center of Photography on 5th Ave and 94th St. I had never visited this wonderful place and was pleased that I did so today. After a very pleasant lunch at one of the better Italian restaurants in NYC (Teadora) with two friends--one a culinary professional and cookbook writer and the other an importer of Italian wines--I left them to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The last time I was there was to see the Tutankhamen exhibit several years ago. The museum is more wonderful than I remembered. The museum is spotless, the art marvelously exhibited, the art treasures are sensational, the diversity of the exhibits is amazing and on and on. Also one can enjoy a pleasant light meal plus the shop alone is worth the visit. I have been fortunate to have visited all the great museums in the world, with the exception of those in Russia, and I would easily rank the Metropolitan close to or their equal. A block over from 5th a walk down Madison Ave to window shop or stop in one of the many fine restaurants would make for a fine day in the city.

New York City always makes my heart beat a little faster--I love it!