Subject: Re: Dry Heat (was: Phoenix Arizona?)
Dear Lynn, You wrote:

> In truth, does one ever get used to the heat -- dry or damp?

I wanted to relate experiences I have heard about:

My cousin moved to Phoenix about 2 years ago. She moved in the late winter/early spring, and all was well until summer arrived. She started to experience dryness in her eyes, which turned into a chronic and painful condition. No amount of medical intervention alleviated this condition. After trying to solve her problem medically, and/or toughing it out, she finally had to leave Phoenix, at a very great cost in convenience as well as money.

My husband lived in Phoenix as a very young man in the Air Force, and he always tells me it wasn't so bad, etc. But, I recall him telling me that his wife at the time (not me) hardly ever came out of the house due to the heat.

So: I guess some people do get used to the heat, and some don't !