Subject: Re: New York, New York
HI Graziella, Debbie here. We were married in NYC last July 24. Where was your wedding? Ours was in Central Park, at the Duck Pond. And speaking of heat (the Phoenix thread) it was about 100 degrees when we got married at noon. We had wanted to go deeper into the Park, but none of us was willing to walk in the heat! We had a small luncheon at a restaurant we had chosen because of its lovely garden, and it was too hot to eat in the garden! What a day. But it was lovely and a time that we will never forget. We spent the honeymoon (Part 1; part 2 was Italy) at the Essex House Hotel, and it was one of our favorite hotel experiences, ever. They were especially nice to us, as we were there for our wedding and honeymoon.

Thanks for stirring up happy memories Debbie