Subject: Re: Trieste - recommendation for lodging near
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>Where would you recommend to stay near Trieste. Moderately priced.
>$75 US dollars. Thanks Hi do you need just an overnight stay or do you wish to spend some days here? For a night you can find some little inns just outside of town on the main road from Slovenian border to the highway. I don't know the correct prices but I guess you can stay under your budget. If you want to spend a couple days and you drive a car, I'd suggest the Hotel Riviera - Strada Costiera 22 - Trieste ph.040 224 551, very nice and with a wonderful look over the Miramare bay and castle, a breakfast on the terrace and private beach. It's not very expensive but I think it's around 100$. If you want to stay downtown and don't mind about leaving the car in a garage, you can stay at the Hotel al Teatro in the middle of the town (pedestrian area). Ask Callie Black about it as she was there this spring.

Let me know if you need further informations.

Paolo Trieste, Italy