Subject: France recommendations
Meg - If you are going to be in Brittany, you might want to consider going to Carnac and beyond... (Carnac has large monolith and dolman sites and... it is where you could catch the teeny, weeny ferry to Belle Ile En Mer - a wonderful island where Sara Bernhardt had a summer place, Monet painted (Les Rochers is at the MusČe d'Orsay - and you can view what he saw from a walk beyone Donnant Beach) - It has an historic Citadel (build by Vauban) and it's fun to hang out anywhere on the island. - Very colorful architcture and the people are very friendly - We spent 4 days there - hiking corniche walks around the island and eating wonderful food -- There are luxury hotels and and inns - We stayed at a nice hotel and then at a wonderful B&B where the folks had never even been to Paris - If you should decide to go, I'll look up some restaurants and B&B's for you. Susie Newton, MA (Also stayed in a B&B in Carnac and had a terrific dinner at Azimut (I think a Michelin star) -- close by!!!) I can easily put my finger on info., if you wish.