Subject: Hotels in Italy
Although I have been recommending the Nizza, we have also stayed at the Pendini and recommend it as well. In fact, we had planned on returning to the Pendini, but had to change because we had a dog with us that particular trip and they would not take pets. It is a bit fancier than the Nizza (3* vs. 2*) and, as a result, more expensive. It is a rather historic place. Both are clean and the proprietors friendly although we know those at the Nizza much better.

We have also stayed at the Roma in the off-season. It is fancier still (4*) and not very competitive in price with either, though it is really pretty.

The Pendini faces the Savoy in the Piazza della Republica. This means you probably would not want to walk with your luggage from the train station, if that is how you arrive. In contrast, the Nizza is about midway between Santa Maria Novella Church and the San Lorenzo markets. It is very accessible to the train station.

The Pendini has one advantage over the Nizza if you carry a lot of luggage, are confined to a wheelchair, or otherwise have difficulty negiotiating stairs. You enter at the ground floor and take an elevator up to the third floor. Rooms are located on other floors which are also elevator accessible. In contrast, you have to carry your luggage up a flight of stairs in the Nizza and there is no elevator.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas