Subject: Toronto
Hi Debbie,

We're so excited that you'll be coming in for the August 26 get-together! We're hopeful that we'll have a great turn-out for this event. (Anne and Kirk have already committed.) Hey, Gretchen, Susie, Ziners...!

About a hotel, there's a Howard Johnson at 89 Avenue Road, north of Bloor Street. Telephone: 416-964-1220 Fax: 416-964-8692. It's in a great location. There's a toll free number at 1-800-446-4656, but you might do better by phoning the hotel instead of the Ho Jo reservation center. Complimentary continental breakfast is included in the rates. It's a small hotel (just 69 rooms). Nothing fancy - but the location, right in Yorkville, is great. Ask them about their parking arrangements.

Another (little known) SUMMER SEASON ONLY possibility is the International Conference Center at 240 Jarvis Street (part of Ryerson Polytechnic University). Telephone: 416-979-5301 Fax: 416-979-5241 Email: illc (that's illc at The location can't compare to Yorkville, but it's a low cost option, not far from the Eaton Centre. It has the feel of a school (linoleum flooring in the hallways and lobby) but the rooms are comfortable. Check into the parking arrangements. Don't know if the last week-end of August is too late for this one though.

Cheers, Linda