Subject: La Chiusa
Peter, Just wanted to let you know that La Chiusa is still as wonderful as ever. We had lunch there yesterday - Saturday - with some friends and they (and we) were in heaven. Dania still makes the best lamb I've ever tasted, Massimo is still the world's greatest waiter and Umberto - well, Umberto is still Umberto, what can I say. Some other people had asked about La Chiusa in earlier letters as a special place to stay - I'd always recommend it. Again, if anyone does make reservations - rooms or meals, tell them that I recommended it. Franco, the concierge, is my best friend in Italy and trust me, he will take special care of you. October is already nearly fully booked. Rates now are from $175 for the smaller rooms with a whirpool bath that accomodates an entire Italian soccer team -to around $350 for deluxe - and they are deluxe. Dinner is about $80 - $100 per person plus wine, but worth every Lire. We attended the Palio, with Franco, in Bettolle today - table races followed by climbing greased poles and also the Palio in Toritta last week - donkey races. They were both a lot easier to get tickets to than Siena and were only 1500 Lire per person. Bella Tuscany - Bill Sutherland