Subject: Toronto Gardens and scenic parks
Hi John, Thanks again and again for all your help in planning our trip. I do have some more questions, so I'll go through your message:
> If you like Gardens, then you should try to come to Hamilton and visit
> the Royal Botanical Gardens What is the distance from Toronto, and which direction does Hamilton lie in? Are the Botanical Gardens easy to get to? Our trip will just be a very quick weekend, but if the RBGs aren't far, we would plan to see them.

> If you're headed out in this direction, then you'll also be
> reasonably close to the Niagara Peninsula and it's wineries. We have often travelled to Niagra and environs, but never to any wineries, because we don't drink alcohol. I think in the future, we may visit some wineries on our travels, because they so often are in such lovely spots. It just feels odd saying No wine at a winery!

We have been to The Shaw Festival a few times, and we love the park outside of Niagra Falls that we call Bride Park because there are always wedding parties there, having their picture taken. Do you know this park? There is a very nice restaurant set there. I think there is also a big flower clock.

We used to go to this area very often, before they built the gambling casino in Niagra Falls. We were always able to get the most fantastic weekend deals around the Falls area. But prices have gone up and we don't seem to feel the attraction any more. But now we're headed to Toronto!

> Many of them are very picturesque, one of the most beautiful wineries is
> Vineland Estates it's about 75 minutes drive
> outside of Toronto (in good traffic) and has a great restaurant,
> especially for Sunday Brunch, where you can sit out on their patio
> overlooking the vineyards, and Lake Ontario in the distance. Is this in the area I'm familiar with, or in another direction?? Gratefully Debbie (and Kurt, too )