Subject: Long Beach Island NJ
I am familiar with Long Beach Island. It is very crowded and going and coming over the one road to the island can be very frustrating as a result of the heavy traffic. Long Beach Island shares the same problem with the rest of the Jersey shore: good restaurants are rare and I know of none there. The passable ones usually have long lines of people waiting for tables, generally amateurish service and usually overpriced. One would think that simply prepared fresh seafood would be easy to find. No such luck.

I always get a laugh out of the menus along the Jersey shore featuring Florida salt water fish such as pompano, grouper etc. That is because there is so much fresh really excellent salt water fish caught along the Jersey shore so why, I wonder, should Florida fish (which can't be anywhere nearly as fresh) should be served at restaurants along the shore? Many of these restaurants have working commercial fishing boats within a stone's throw from their grills. Peter