Subject: European prices
Hi, I think you will be able to do well for $100 a day per person for food. Our budget is half that, with breakfast included, we only have two meals to buy, and one of them is from the grocery store.

We paid $85 for a low end hotel outside of Cologne just last month, but if it had not been booked for us, we would have never found it.

We occasionally blow it on a good meal if we are positive it will be that good, as food prices are so high. Have never been to Scandanavia, so don't know about that. We did go to Sorrento last winter and meals were very reasonable, the highest being $25 per person in our very nice hotel ($142 per night) Probably we could have spent more, but we did not look too hard. The next best meal was in Naples at a place whose address I have if you are going there. Gretchen from South Carolina