Subject: Swedish Prices
Hi, Marghe. Sweden is very expensive, specially if you intend to drink wine during your meals (it can be a third of the total price). But, there is always an option. Instead of making a big meal in the evening, opt for a set lunch at noon. Many places have set lunches for around 50, 60 SEK (including salad, a drink and coffee), and it is a good way of saving without having to go to MacDonald´s. A very nice restaurant, although on the expensive side, is Gondolen. Perched over a lift, in Slussen, with fine views over Gamla Stan and the lake. If you don´t eat there, go for a drink (although probably eating is cheaper...). You are going to Sweden in a really fine time of the year. There will be plenty of light, and everything will be in blossom. Check the URL mentioned by Tuija. It is very useful, and go to the Sweden House as soon as you arrive, plenty of info, and so many books on the country. I love the Wasa Museum and the Nordiska, and also walking along the Old Town, the parks, the streets. Have a brilliant time, and tell us everything about your journey, once you´re back. Rgds from Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain).