Subject: Lucca Hotel
Evelyn, There are some nice-looking, reasonable hotels that are a few steps just outside of the medieval wall that circles Lucca. I have never stayed at one of these but seem like they are worthy serious thought. One, The Rex, has a website at and the other, The Celide, has a website at Parking does not present a big problem in Lucca as there are three of these just inside the wall as well as it the hotels. There is no driving allowed along the narrow streets of the old city and is a lovely place to walk, relax and enjoy this old, historic city. It is quite an experience to walk around the city on top of the wall which is quite wide. The moat can still be seen. This wall forms a star fort and was, or was one of, the first such fortresses. There are many cafes, trattories and restaurants within the walls. Lucca makes an excellent choice for a base location. Peter